Chống nghiến (cứng)- myOSA® for Teeth Grinding™


Nghiến răng là một triệu chứng phổ biến khác liên quan đến việc thở bằng miệng và sau đó trở nên trầm trọng hơn do áp lực và căng thẳng thần kinh. Nghiến răng sẽ gây ra những tổn hại đến răng như: mòn men răng, nứt răng hoặc thậm chí khiến răng lung lay. Dòng khí cụ myOSA cung cấp giải pháp bảo vệ toàn diện cho răng gây ra bởi việc nghiến răng, trong đó khí cụ myOSA® for Teeth Grinders (myOSA® dành riêng cho tật nghiến răng) được thiết kế đặc biệt cho mục đích này bằng cách tạo ra lớp bảo vệ giữa hàm trên và hàm dưới. Tùy vào mục đích sử dụng, những khí cụ này có thể dễ dàng thay thế giúp ngăn chặn tổn hại đến răng.

Mô tả

Protect your teeth and jaws against night time grinding and clenching

Teeth grinding, or bruxing, is another common symptom associated with mouth breathing and then exacerbated by stress or nervous tension. This grinding can cause damage to the teeth including visible enamel wearing, tooth cracking or loose teeth. While the entire Myosa® range will offer some protection against the damage caused by teeth grinding, the Myosa® for Teeth Grinders is designed specifically for this purpose and provides a protective barrier between the teeth. Intended to wear with use, these appliances can be easily replaced to prevent damage to the teeth.


Myosa® – TGH

For optimum fit & jaw joint protection

The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders – TGH is specifically designed for heavy tooth grinders who may also experience symptoms of jaw joint (TMJ) disorder. The dual layer appliance, which has a hard inner core encased in a soft outer provides a firm fit and optimum retention for the upper teeth as well as additional durability to protect against severe grinding. An thickened base provides extra protection at the molar area and ensures the appliance is gentle on the jaw joints (TMJ) and suitable for people with symptoms of jaw joint (TMJ) Disorder.

Myosa For Teeth Grinders - TGH

For optimum fit and jaw joint protection

Treatment with a soft flexible oral appliance is considered the most convenient way to protect against the harmful effects of night time teeth grinding. The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders – TGH is designed to fit over the upper teeth and provide an immediate protective barrier. When worn during sleep the The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders – TGH protects the teeth as well as the jaw joints (TMJ) against the harmful effects of teeth grinding. Once moulded correctly, which takes less than two minutes, the customisable appliance will provide excellent retention.

The Myosa® for Teeth Grinders – TGH is recommended for night time us as well as during the day if daytime grinding is a problem. The dual layer appliance, which is made from flexible material, fits comfortably in any mouth size and when in place helps reduce muscle tension around the mouth during sleep.

Myosa® - TGH

Các tính năng và lợi ích

Thickened base

Tongue guards

Easily mouldable

Dual layer

Promotes optimum jaw position

Hướng dẫn sử dụng

Bước 1

Pour freshly boiled water into a glass bowl. Immediately place the appliance upside down into the water for 90 seconds with base uppermost.

Bước 2

Gently lift appliance from the water using a spoon and cool under tap water for one second only, bringing surface temperature to a comfortable level. Quickly proceed with Step 3.

Bước 3

Watching in a mirror, line up centre of appliance with centre line of upper teeth and press firmly into front teeth and molars.

Bước 4

Lightly close mouth to hold appliance in position then create a suction in the mouth while biting down. Continue for 20 seconds while moulding upper edges, front and back, by pushing firmly through lips and cheeks.

Bước 5

Place the appliance in cold water for two minutes to cool then reinsert to check fit. Repeat fitting procedure if necessary.

Vệ sinh Myosa®

Làm sạch khí cụ Myosa® của bạn dưới vòi nước ấm đang chảy mỗi lần bạn lấy nó khỏi miệng. Sử dụng viên Myoclean ™ hai lần mỗi tuần để làm sạch hoàn toàn.

Hãy hỏi bác sĩ hoặc nha sĩ điều trị của bạn về Myoclean ™, hoạt chất làm sạch được đề nghị cho tất cả các khí cụ Myosa®.

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